Multisample Repository

These are multisample packs I have either created from samples myself (using samples recorded from VSTs or physical instruments) or made from royalty free collections found on the internet. Sources will be posted for all internet sourced packs, all credit for those goes to the original sampler. These are royalty free samples and you are free to use them as you wish. No credit is needed, all I ask is that you use these to make some music that you enjoy.

Orange Pi USB MIDI Host

I was looking for a way to get my Deluge to play nice with other USB MIDI devices while waiting for the 3.0 firmware to come out. I happened to have an Orange Pi +2E laying around, knew that this had been done with a Raspberry Pi, and thought “how hard could this be?” Turns out, not so hard. Side note: I found this guide by Neuma Studio very helpful and have adapted many parts of it for my own writeup.